I love my long hair and I want to grow it longer!! How can I prevent split ends without getting my hair cut all the time?

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I love my long hair and I want to grow it longer!! How can I prevent split ends without getting my hair cut all the time?

We get it… you want to grow your hair longer so you don’t want to get it cut.  As stylists, we hear this all the time, sigh.

When growing your hair out, a trim is still needed every so often.  Try getting a light trim every 8- 10 weeks.  This will not affect the length and will help prevent split ends.  We also recommend using our C-1 Rose Serum. Our weightless serum will not only help tame fly-aways and frizz but reduces split ends.  Just apply one pump and massage your hands together to help heat up the serum.  This helps the product absorb into the hair.  Be sure to focus on the ends of your hair! Split ends be gone!

C-1 English Rose Serum

Why C-1 Rose Serum? 

Our light weight, non oily serum leaves a luminous and healthy shine on your hair.  It contains a UVB protector, tames fly-aways and frizz and can help reduce split ends.  It also enhances natural curls when applied on wet hair!


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