How can I make my coarse hair feel soft and have more shine?

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Having thick hair is great but when it is also coarse, it can be a real nightmare! It usually lacks shine and can look and feel a little wiry.  Not the look we are going for, right!?


The best way to create softer, shinier hair is to add a smoothing cream and a serum to your regime.  We recommend using our C-2 Smoothing Cream and C-1 Rose Serum.  Squeeze a quarter-size amount of C-2 Smoothing Cream onto your hands and rub together.  Then run your fingers throughout your damp hair being sure to distribute evenly.  Then apply a pump of our C-1 Rose Serum in your hands and quickly rub your hands together as if you are trying to warm them up.  This heats up the serum to help absorb better into the hair.   Style as desired. Repeat another application of C-1 Rose Serum on dry hair. Your hair will feel silky soft with amazing shine!

C-1 English Rose Serum

Why C-1 Rose Serum?

Our light weight, non oily serum leaves a luminous and healthy shine on your hair.  It contains a UVB protector, tames fly aways and frizz and can help reduce split ends.  It also enhances natural curls when applied on wet hair!

C-2 Smoothing Cream

Why C-2 Smoothing Cream?

Smoothing Cream tames and smooths coarse, curly or fine hair and provides extra protection before blow drying. It is a wonderfully light, luxurious styling cream that penetrates and moisturises each hair strand.  It’s fortified with heat protecting ingredients to combat the effects of thermal damage yet is light and will leave no stickiness or heaviness.

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