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definition: iˈlɛktrɪk/ sdjective: electric

Having or producing a sudden sense of thrilling excitement. “the atmosphere is electric” synonyms: charged, electrifying; exciting, dramatic, exhilarating, intoxicating, dynamic, thrilling, stimulating, galvanising, invigorating, animating, energising, rousing, stirring, moving, buzzing.


“Electric is all about people… it will always be about people… Those people have got to be Creative… Ambitious… and we’ve got to build an energy around them” – Mark Woolley (Founder)


Our Story

Hailed as the UK’s most exciting hairdressing brand, Electric is the creation of Founder, International Creative Director and multi award winning British hairdresser Mark Woolley.

Drawing from his love of fashion, music and art, Mark’s vision was to produce a creative stable of excellence that delivers the ethics of British innovation and design and the raw passion and creativity demanded by both hairdressers and clients alike.


The Electric brand is a portfolio of the Electric Studio, Electric Education Academy, and Electric Professional product range all driven by a collective of bespoke salons situated in key cities across the UK and an award winning Artistic Team.

Born in 2007 in fashionable Brighton on the south coast of England, Electric has grown and developed into one of the leading brands not only in the UK but on a global level with its bespoke designed products and education programmes available in over 8 countries including the USA and the far east.

Mark Woolley

Meet the incredible MARK WOOLLEY


One of the most respected figures within the industry, Mark's work regularly appears in leading publications across the globe. He is frequently used as an expert on celebrity hair trends on television and within glossy magazines, drawing on his 25 years experience to create stunning looks.

Mark’s passion for art, music and fashion made his journey into the beauty industry inevitable. His dedication to elevating the image of hairdressing, both publicly and within the fashion industry is his fuel for innovating, collaborating and developing talent. This has led to the creation of Electric salons, the Electric Studio, Electric Education Academy and ultimately the Electric Professional product range.

The Electric brand continues to grow absorbing Mark's down-to-earth nature and accessible style as well as reflecting his energy, drive and vision, making it one of the most significant brands within the hairdressing industry. With beautiful salons in London’s fashionable Marylebone, Brighton, Oxford, Liverpool, Edinburgh and Reading, Electric focuses on delivering a total experience that blends outstanding cuts and gorgeous colour with seamless customer excellence.

Mark is also a founding member of L'Oréal Portfolio of Artistic Hairdressers and is active within the Fellowship for British Hairdressing.



Best Professional Haircare Shampoo, Best Travel Product. Hair Awards.

Best Professional Haircare Shampoo, Best Travel Product.
Hair Awards.

Best Education and Training Award. British Hairdressing Business Award.

Best Education and Training Award.
British Hairdressing Business Award.

Best Salon – Creative Head Awards.

Best Salon, Business Thinker.
Creative Head Awards.

FAME TEAM winner.

FAME Team Winner.
Fellowship For British Hairdressing Awards.

Finalist for Most Wanted. Innovation Award.

Finalist for Most Wanted.
Award for Innovation.

Creative Head IT Team finalists.

IT List.
Finalist at Creative Head Awards.

Creative Director of the Year. British Hairdressing Business Awards.

Creative Director of the Year, Business Director of the Year.
British Hairdressing Business Awards.

Salon Stylist of the Year. Hair Magazine.

Salon Stylist of the Year. 
Hair Magazine.