Winter Hair Blues?- Treat it with Electric London!

Electric London Canada


According to where you live in our fair country of Canada, winter and static can go hand in hand. With the low temperatures and dry air, natural texture and fine hair, meet the natural storm to create flyaways and unruly hair.

Equally, if you are living in an area where humidity haunts your winters as well as your summers, fizziness is constantly rearing its ugly head. So how do we keep these unwelcome guests under control? Simple: get the Electric London SOS System working for you! (Solve Our Situation)   

Dry and Frizzy?: Start with our H-1 and H-2 Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner. Packed with moisture rich ingredients this duo will help your hair retain optimum hydration and ultimate shine.

For Blow Drying or Styling: why not try C-2, the ultimate Smoothing Cream and don’t let the name smoothing fool you. This ingenious product has a multitude of functions. Whether your hair is thick and curly or naturally straight, C-2 is designed with you in mind. Once your hair is washed and towel dried add C-2 to your hair from roots to ends before styling. This weightless wonder will reduce frizz and smooth the outer layer of your hair while working with your natural hair formation or whatever tools you choose to create your style; leaving your hair with bounce, volume and shine.

For Finishing: Once your hair is de-frizzed and looking fabulous you will want to keep it that way. According to your hair type, we have two fabulous friends to keep on your shelf. #1 (literally the best hairspray on the market) we have C-7 e.spray; this light weight aerosol spray will hold your style, whilst allowing freedom and movement to your look. With cottonseed oil replacing alcohol of more traditional hairsprays, there is no drying impact to your hair, leaving it healthy, shiny and ready to move with you. Our second choice in the armament would be C-1 English Rose Serum, your ultimate friend to maintain calm on hair that tends to frizz. Made (as the name suggests) from natural English Rose extract. This lightweight oil contains no silicones and will help control hair without weighing it down, yet add silky shine and finish to your hair.

Let Electric London help you make winter just little bit better!  




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