Red Carpet trends with Electric London!

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It's Red Carpet Season!  One of the hottest trends we're seeing is the sleek, wet look.  Whether as a more formal style or just slicked back for a more edgy look, it's hot! 

Here's how you can achieve this look at home for your own killer style.



To get this slick back trend, start with damp hair.  Dispense a golf ball size of C-6 into your hand.  Distribute evenly throughout your hair. Create a deep side part and blow-dry your hair in the direction you want.  You can use a paddle brush for a flatter look or a round brush for a bit more volume. 


Once your hair has been styled into shape, it's time to set it.  Take a medium size amount of C-4 Paste (about the size of a quarter for medium density hair) in your hand and add 2 pumps of C-1 Serum to it.  Emulsify in your hands until completely blended.  C-4 will give you the hold you need and C-1 will give you the shine. Distribute evenly throughout your hair making sure to get it from scalp to ends, not just on the surface.  If the combination is feeling a little too strong for you, add a couple sprays of P-4 Prep Spray to dilute it a bit.  Once the hair is in place, spray with C-7 e.spray to set in place.  Your hair will look sleek with the perfect amount of shine without any residue or buildup. 


To make this look more into an up-do style, use a comb to shape your hair into place and pin up however you like.  A tight bun always looks amazing! 

Time to create your own Red Carpet look!  



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