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Through patience and perseverance one by one, never settling for just ok, never merely copying another brand and never releasing a product to meet a financial goal, the Electric London family of hair care products was created. True performance driven, bespoke, elite master stylist created professional hair care.
By the best...for the best. It is that simple.
Here's how Electric London is a true Professional hair care brand
Performance driven
Patience, Perseverance, Performance. Our primary goal is to be safe for the consumer, the environment and never tested on animals without sacrificing performance. You don’t have to worry about what goes into your hair care products…. we worry about it enough for everyone.
Evaporating base
 The performance lies beneath the cuticle layer and any remaining residue on surface evaporates as the hair dries, making the product perform yet look and feel like there is no product in your hair.  No more greasy, heavy, grungy looking hair. Looks fresh from shampoo to shampoo.
Driest hairspray on earth
If you find a drier one…we will be happy to test it against e.Spray. Alcohol free aerosol. Ultra-dry and never flakes or builds up. Regardless of number of applications. Won’t dry out your hair or fade your color. And never makes your hair look “crispy”. Always touchable, brush-able and beautiful.
Pay for product not package
 Simple, clean minimalist packaging so you pay for what is in the bottle. Not the bottle itself. Your investment is to improve the look and feel of your hair first and foremost. How it looks in your shower is secondary.
Extremely concentrated
 Extremely concentrated formula. Our retail sizes last as long as most other brands liter sizes. You pay for the highest quality in the most concentrated form.  Space saving and great for travel! Less truly is more!