Shorter Hair is Back!!!

Electric London Canada

We look to s­pring and summer as times of change and never a truer word could be said when it comes to Summer fashion for hair. Just take a look at the runways and red-carpet events and you'll see that along with curled tresses and updos; there is a fabulous shift to short choppy cuts. Yes, the technical cut is back in a big way!

For those who have had enough of balayage and blow drying for an hour; short sassy cuts with lots of layers and plenty of texture are being seen in prominent magazines and on the heads of supermodels and celebrities worldwide.

And it's not just the classic bob. Layers and super texture are bringing these short
sexy looks to life.

When achieving these looks make sure you have some  C-4 texture paste on hand! A little dab of this paste will go a long way to add volume and separation to your look. Also, if you want that crown lift look, use C-8 Volume Chalk. This lightweight powder dusted into the hair and then rotated with the palm of your hand can give instant lift and texture with a soft matt finish.

Summer 2022 is all about lifting the spirits and lifting that hairline, so go ahead and take the leap into a new you!! 


Martin Hillier, Canadian Creative Director, Electric  London Canada.


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