Holiday hair trends with Electric London!

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It's all about the fringe/ bang for this holiday season!!

From curtain bangs to heavy layered bangs that fall into the eye line; fringes are a strong statement this season!  So look out for them setting the trend for the rest of the hair cut or style.

With curtain bangs and the longer layers, you can glam yourself up for an evening out with a quick touch of the curling iron or flatiron to give yourself the retro "feathered" look that is the hot trend right now.  Think Farah Fawcett from Charlie's Angels.  

If your hair is fine, start your blow-dry with our C-5 Volume Mist.  Spray C-5 at the roots to give your hair more volume without being stiff or unnatural.  

If your hair is medium to long, our C-6 Cloudburst Mousse is your perfect go to.  Apply before blowdrying.  Cloudburst will add some volume, shine to your hair before using your hot tools.  

C-7 e.spray is a great working tool to create the style that you want.  Use it before using your hot tools to protect your hair from the heat and help strengthen the shape you're creating.  Use it again after styling to hold your look in place.    C-7 will hold the shape without any stickiness and your hair will still be soft to the touch.

Finally, finish your holiday look off with a bit of hight in the crown area. This creates a more glamorous edge to your look.  Sprinkle a little of our C-8 Volume Chalk at the crown and massage it in with your hands.  C-8 will immediately add volume but still feel soft and manageable.  

Whatever look you go for this season, let Electric London help you make a statement! 

Happy Holidays from Electric London  

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