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Electric London Canada HAIR salon support social distancing ❤️

You are doing your part by staying at home and physically distancing.  Well done!  In these surreal times, we all must do whatever we can to stay home.  Salons were one of the first businesses to close.  They did this to keep you safe, their valued clients.  Your relationship with your stylist goes far beyond your cut and colour.  They are your friends and confidents. A relationship that goes back many, many years.  How can you help them now? 

Support them on Social Media:

The first thing you can do is follow, like and support them on social media!  While staying at home, your stylist is feeling the same way you are.  Stay connected and promote their salon.

Buy a gift card:

Not all of us are in the position to do this but if you can, a gift card will help keep many salons going and you can redeem it when the salon reopens.

Continue to buy your products from your salon:

While some salons are delivering your hair products to your door, many just aren't able to do that.  Rather than ordering your products off of Amazon, order your favourite products through Electric London, you will receive free shipping to anywhere in Canada and your salon will benefit directly from the sales.  You will maintain the health of your hair and your stylist will thank you for it!

How do you do this? Choose your favourite products at our online store, when checking out put your salon's PROMO code (instagram handle) in the discount code box.  If your stylist is independent, use their PROMO code.  It's simple and will help your salon and stylist gain a little income. If you don't have their PROMO code, Electric London is offering free shipping during this time to help you too.  Use Discount code: FREESHIPPING  


Support your stylist and wait for them to do your hair!  This is not the time to try cutting or colouring your own hair!  Chances are it won't work out and you will be in a much more dire situation than before! They're just roots!  Your stylist will have them too!  

Now is the time to stay home and self care.  Put on a face mask, nourish your hair with our T-1 Treatment Masque and finish that book!  Together we will get through this and we will come out stronger and more connected together!

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