Covid - 19 Update

It goes without saying that these are difficult times.

At the heart of every community are the bonds and relationships forged within them. In fact the cosmetology industry, although no different, is quite special. We love, we cry and we touch the lives of so many of our clients, metaphorically and physically through the simple act of washing hair at our sinks. 

For some, it is once a month every month...
and for many, the relationships last years.

All of us at Electric London Canada are acutely aware of how precious those relationships are and how our community comes together in times of crisis to lift the spirits of every person we touch. At times like this we can see the magnitude of a simple shampoo when we can no longer physically touch our community.

Keeping ourselves, the professional stylists we serve and their clients in good health and spirits, falls on us all. Knowing we will come out the other side, although important, will be a challenge.

Thank you to all those still actively helping in every community. We wish you to stay safe, to have safe working environments and a steady hand to recovery.

Electric London Canada