Why is my curly hair so dry?

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Why is my hair so dry?


While many of us suffer from this terrible affliction, otherwise known as dry hair, curly hair tends to get the worst of it. Those with natural waves, curls or ringlets tend to have to battle dry hair on a daily basis. Your first defence against dry hair is to add moisture to your hair regime.


H2-1 Hydrate ShampooH2-1 Hydrate Shampoo

H-1, H-2 Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner:

Our award-winning shampoo and conditioner are perfect for dry, stressed out hair. They will add the extra moisture and hydration that your curls need and will increase the strength and flexibility of your locks while helping to reduce breakage. The duo also keeps the static and fly-aways down. Perfection!


T-1 Intensive Treatment Masque

C-1 Intensive Treatment Masque:

For extra hydration use our Masque when you feel those curls need a little extra love. This masque creates a protective film over the cuticle that will lock in hydration without weighing it down.


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