How do I give my hair more volume?

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There is no denying the love for straight, smooth, silky hair.  While we’ve come a long way from using an ironing board to straighten hair, today’s styling tools can still take a toll on our hair.  Incorporating the right technique and styling products into your styling routine will go a long way to give you more life, volume and shine to your straight hair.

How do I give my hair more volume?

Fine/ Straight hair tends to be a little on the flatter side.  A great way to add volume is to start by blow drying your hair upside down.  Spend a few extra minutes drying your roots upside down. This will lift the roots and give you more volume for the entire day!  You also need to use products that will give volume without being heavy on the hair.


C-5 Volume Liquid Mist

C-5 Volume Liquid Mist:

Our Volume Mist will leave you with long lasting volume and support!  The Pro Vitamin 5 provides body by thickening the hair’s body quotient without leaving any residue.  Its conditioning agents work as an advanced detangler leaving the hair full and with superior shine!


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