Embrace those curls with style and Electric!

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Humidity and curly hair have never been a match made in heaven.  We either work with the frizziness by using too much product that weighs the hair down or we accept our fate for a more natural look.  With Electric London, we no longer have to make that compromise! We can have beautiful, curly hair that's sophisticated and still beach ready.

Here's our version of the popular Pineapple Style.....

On damp hair, prep your locks with our P-4 Preparation Spray. P-4 will even out the porosity of your hair (which is usually a problem for natural curly hair), it will make your hair 10x stronger, without any residue or weight.  P-4 is packed with nourishing oils combined with intelligent UV and heating protection ingredients.  Did we mention that P-4 also enhances natural curls!!!! WIN WIN!

While hair is still damp, use your hands and fingers to bring all your hair to the top of the head.  Create a ponytail using a hair safe elastic just at or in front of the highest point on the head. Attach the elastic so it is tight enough to keep in place but not too tight that it is pulling. 
Once ponytail is in place, apply small amount of C-2 Smoothing Cream to the curls of the ponytail. 
C-2 Smoothing is perfect for curly hair!  Leaving it to dry naturally or defusing will create defined curls with no product residue or crunchiness/stickiness.
Define the curls and set in place by taking small pieces and twisting around you finger, squeezing in place and then letting go.  Repeat this process randomly around the ponytail until you are happy with the style. 
Leave the hair to dry naturally, you are now ready for a day in the sun!
Want to take this look from the beach to a night on the town? Here's how....
Once hair is dry, sprinkle our C-8 Invisible Volume Chalk onto your hands, lightly rub your hands together to distribute the chalk evenly and then randomly and lightly squeeze the C-8 into your curls.  C-8 will add some more volume and definition to those curls bringing the style from day to night!
100% magnesium-free amplifying micro powder, C-8 gives instant grip, hold and volume without the usual grittiness of powder leaving the hair feeling amplified, yet natural and free-moving.  Love!
Now go out and embrace those curls! With Electric London!


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