Protect your hair from the heat!

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There is a heat wave hitting most of Canada right now! There's nothing better than hanging out in the sun but the heat, humidity and UV can really do a number on our hair.  

Lengthened exposure to the sun can seriously damage the hair.  Damaged hair can become frizzy, dry and brittle from the humidity and the UV.  Sun exposure is also the quickest way to fade that expensive colour you just had done.  We use sunscreen to protect our skin but why aren't we protecting our hair as well?  It is so important to protect those tresses!

We recommend our P-4 Preparation Spray to combat the humidity and the sun.  Our leave-in conditioner helps stop sun damage and colour fade while evening out porosity and making your hair 10x stronger!  Leave it in your beach bag and use throughout the day to keep that protection coming!  P-4 will protect your hair all day, plus keep the frizzies down without leaving any residue on the hair.  This makes it perfect for all types of hair, including fine hair. 

P-4 leaves the hair enhanced, radiant and ready for the beach!

Enjoy that sun!!

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