Prepare your hair for colour!

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Fall is upon us! That means it's time for a new colour to go with the new season!! Many of us go blonde for summer, so why not try something a little different for autumn? One of the hottest colours this fall is “mushroom brown.” This colour is cool, rich, and a perfect transition from your blonde balayage. Your favorite stylist can create the colour, but it is on you to prep and maintain the new shade. You need to prepare your hair by strengthening your locks for the colour process, and then protect that colour after. Here’s how:


-       When going from lighter to darker, it’s important to revive your hair with protein and hydration. We recommend our T-1 Intensive Treatment. It will strengthen your hair and replenish any nutrients that your hair is lacking. This sets your new colour up for the win!

We also recommend spraying your locks with our P-4 Prep Spray before the colour service. This with also help strengthen your hair and equalize the porosity of your hair before your new colour! 


-You want that colour to last! Make sure you use our P-1 and P-2 Colour Protect Shampoo and Conditioner to lock in that colour and prevent fading! P-1 & P-2 will help even out any porosity issues as well as adding strength and thickness. They will also replace what the hair colouring process has depleted!

So go for it, colour your hair and start off fresh for the new season!

T-1 Intensive Treatment

Cocoon your hair in this nourishing masque, for supremely smooth and glossy results. The moisturising lipids, vegetable proteins and wheat germ oil with strengthen your hair and help lock in moisture.  Designed to feel light on your hair, use this conditioning treatment once a week before your conditioner as the ultimate home ritual! 

P-4 Preparation Spray

Create a flawless foundation for any style with this transforming preparation spray.  This light leave-in conditioner will leave hair enhanced, radiant and ready for endless creativity.  Our P-4 contains UVB protectors and enhances natural curls when applied on wet hair.


P-1 & P-2 Colour Protect Shampoo & Conditioner

Both P-1 and P-2 help strengthen your hair with sunflower seed extract and protect your colour from fading by containing UV protectants.

P-1 Colour Protect Shampoo

This highly conditioning, antioxidant shampoo gives maximum protection to colour-treated hair.  Adds vibrancy and shine that lasts all day! 

 P-2 Colour Protect Conditioner

Wave goodbye to colour faded locks and boost your hair’s inner shine! This luxurious conditioning cream encapsulates the colour and natural luster of your hair, leaving it silky, glossy and manageable.

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