Introducing the newest addition to the Electric London family, the C-6 Cloudburst Mousse!

Electric London Canada



It’s common knowledge that mousse is key in creating hold and volume when it comes to hairstyling. However, the end result sometimes has major drawbacks. The high alcohol content of many formulations results in dry, motionless hair. Product residue leaves behind stickiness and heaviness. Our C-6 Cloudburst holds the answer to your sticky-hair prayers!


What makes C-6 Cloudburst so different?

Thanks to its unique formulation, the C-6 Cloudburst Mousse creates a defining hold for short and long hair styles, without leaving grease or stickiness. The styling product encapsulates the hair with moisture and protection before fully evaporating to leave behind no residue.


What’s the secret?  C-6 Cloudburst has been enriched with avocado oil, which greatly reduces its alcohol content. Avocado oil is an all-natural, non-greasy oil with a range of health benefits.

The fruit enhances the absorption of important nutrients, which improves skin and scalp healing. Through its monosaturated fat content, avocado oil provides a protective layer over the scalp- also functioning as a natural sun block! Vitamin E and B help to strengthen and nourish hair follicles, which can help fight hair loss.

Dry, sticky, heavy hair be gone! The C-6 Cloudburst mousse will provide the same hold and volume that you desire in a mousse, but with the addition of protection, softness and bounce!

How to Use: Shake can well, and dispense golf ball size into hand, then apply direct to wet hair. Blow dry or style as desired to achieve your look.

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