I see barrettes and hair pins being worn everywhere on Instagram and Pinterest. How can I pull off this look without looking like I’m back in middle school?

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 Many fashion trends are resurrections of trends of the past with a twist.  Hair accessories are no exception. The key to wearing barrettes and hair pins in 2019 is to wear them as a statement! We aren’t wearing them just for function, we are wearing them as a fashion statement!

 Photo credit: Glowsly

Whether you are using hair pins, snap clips (those triangular hair clips that you probably used in grade school) or barrettes, the key is to wear many in one area.  One way you can rock this look is by having a strong part, either on the side or in the centre and smoothing the hair down and slightly back off your face. Take a pea size amount of our C-4 Shaping Paste and rub through your hands then work throughout your hair. Concentrate a little more on the area where you are going to put the clips.  The paste will help smooth out the hair and create some definition. Once hair is in place, take your clips and place them in your hair: either horizontally, or on a slight diagonal, attaching them close to the front hairline. You need to have a minimum of 2 clips to get the look, but 3 or 4 will really make a statement! If using hair pins, use at least 3 or 4.  Once in place, spray with our C-7 e.Spray and smooth out any fly aways. 

Why C-4 Shaping Paste?

Our Shaping Paste, when applied to dry hair, will give you thickness and volume while leaving a stunning silk texture to the hair!  Use a pea size amount of our workable paste, work it in your hands and then work through your hair. You will be able to define the shape without any residue so your hair will move freely yet still have definition!


Why C-7 e.Spray?

Possibly the driest hairspray in the world! Our e.Spray was formulated specifically for use on photo shoots and on the catwalk! The non-oily formula dries without any residue to leave your hair style with the hold it needs without any stickiness or crunch! Cotton oil extract, jojoba, bamboo and shea butter prevent hair from drying, while protecting your hair from heat and UV damage.  For best results, hold the can about 30cm away from hair and spray through layers.

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