How do I protect my hair from the heat of my hot tools?

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How do I protect my hair from the heat of my hot tools?


Most of us use some sort of hot tool at least once a week in our styling routine.  If you use curling irons, blow dryers and flat irons on a regular basis, you are probably concerned with all that heat on your beautiful hair.


Hot tools are great but you need to protect your hair from all that heat.  If not protected, the heat can damage the cuticle layer of the hair and your hair will look less shiny, frizzy and dry.  When drying your hair, try not to use the hottest setting on your blow dryer. By using a lower setting, your hair will have more shine and movement.  We recommend C-2 Smoothing Cream before blow drying and then C-7 e.Spray when using any irons.  Both have a thermal protectant to protect your hair.

 C2 Smoothing Cream

C-2 Smoothing Cream

Tame and smooth your fine hair and provide extra protection before blow drying with this wonderfully light, luxurious styling cream.  It’s fortified with heat protecting ingredients to combat the effects of thermal damage yet is light and will leave no stickiness or heaviness.

 C7 e.Spray

C-7 e.Spray

Possibly the driest hairspray in the world! Our e.Spray was formulated specifically for use on photo shoots and on the catwalk! The non-oily formula dries without any residue to leave your hair style with the hold it needs without any stickiness or crunch! Cotton oil extract, Jojoba, Bamboo and Shea butter prevent hair from drying while protecting your hair from heat and UV damage.    For best results, hold the can about 30cm away from hair and spray through layers. 


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