How do I keep the frizz at bay without making my curly hair look heavy or greasy?

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How do I keep the frizz at bay without making my hair look heavy or greasy?


Curls have always managed to fascinate and frustrate us at the same time. Beautiful, silky, bouncy curls are envied by both those with naturally curly or straight hair looking to achieve more texture.  However, achieving a healthy, hydrated and frizz-free curl isn’t always easy but it is definitely possible when remembering these important steps.


Naturally, curly hair tends to get frizzy.  The key to keeping the frizz down is to let your hair dry (with or without heat) without disturbing it.  The more you play with your hair when it is drying, the frizzier it gets.

For styling, we recommend:


C-4 Shaping Paste

P-4 Prep Spray:  Our leave in conditioner will make your hair 10x stronger. It will also help soften the hair and enhance your natural curls. It’s the first step in creating perfect curls!

C-2 Smoothing Cream

C-2 Smoothing Cream: Our luxurious styling cream will add extra moisture to your curls without  adding any weight to the hair. It forms cross linking networks across the hair surface that will keep that frizz down to a minimum!


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