How do I define my curls without making them look and feel crunchy?

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How do I define my curls without making them look and feel crunchy?

There is no denying it, curly hair on women is sexy! Women with straight hair envy it and men want to run their hands through it. While curly hair can make you the talk of the town, its maintenance can be a challenge.

Curly hair always looks its best when wet. That is when you see the most definition. To duplicate this look, you need products that will add shine and hold to the hair. In the past, we used gel but that left the hair very crunchy; now we have pastes and serums!

C-3 Serum:

Our serum will leave your curls glossy and will help enhance your curls without feeling oily. While hair is wet, add 1-2 pumps, work in hands to activate and then rake through hair being sure to saturate every strand. Let dry on its own. Don’t play with your curls until your hair is completely dry!


C-4 Shaping Paste

C-4 Shaping Paste:

Our flexible/ working paste will create sharp definition while leaving your curls residue free- no crunch! On dry hair, use a small amount (dime size) work in your hands and then lightly work through the hair. For extra shine and softness, add a drop of C-1 Rose Serum to the cocktail.


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