Hottest Trend of 2021!

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One of the big global trends of 2021 is the mullet. What is a mullet? It basically means there is length in the back and length taken away at the sides. It’s a very graphic, disconnected haircut that was big in the 70s and made a bit of a comeback in the late 80s. It’s really strong as a high fashion statement; the stronger the disconnection, the stronger the statement! It can be adapted and done on all ages as well, it’s not just an edgy young thing. Whether you go with a shorter look like that of Miley Cyrus or a longer, softer look like Billie Eilish's new do; the key to elevate this trend is all in the styling.


What makes a great 2021 mullet is getting that "lived-in" look.  You want some volume and texture that looks and feels effortless.  


Start with our C-5 Volume Liquid Mist on damp hair.  Spray 3 or 4 pumps on damp hair and then either let your hair dry naturally, blow-dry using your fingers to style for more texture, or use a paddle brush for a smoother finish. C-5 will give you the volume you need without any weight or residue, even when drying naturally.


Once dry, use our C-8 Invisible Volume Chalk to create more texture and volume. Our magnesium-free micro powder will give you instant grip, hold and volume without the heavy grittiness that you don't want.


Sprinkle C-8 onto your hands or directly onto your hair and then massage the C-8 into your hair.  Be sure to massage it throughout the hair, not just focusing on the ends of the hair.  This will give you that edgy, textured mullet of 2021! Now rock it like the superstar that you are!!

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