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BORN IN 2007 on the south coast of England, Electric is one of the UK’s most exciting independent brands, and one that has always stayed true to its roots. Authenticity matters to founder Mark Woolley: “You’ve got to keep it real, stay true to what you are and what you believe in,” he says.

As well as award-winning salons, an ethical professional product line, an education programme and a photographic and film studio, over the years, the company has invested in exciting places for its teams, providing them with inspirational surroundings that support a culture of creativity.

And Electric’s latest project is the biggest yet: Falmer Court,
a stunningly beautiful 26-acre farm located in the South Downs National Park, around an hour from London. This tranquil environment, comprising a world-class studio, state-of-the-art offices and a products lab, not only provides a new global destination for Electric but also
an opportunity to be self-sufficient in every way. And that’s hugely exciting for a brand that prides itself on its sustainable values.

Take the product line, for example. Electric have always believed that every product in the range should work to the highest standard while having the lowest carbon footprint possible, insisting on 100 per cent recyclable packaging and using natural ingredients in place of chemicals traditionally found in haircare products. Their raw materials have always been sourced in the UK, meaning the team can trace back and vouch for every ingredient, and reducing the polluting impact of freight and shipping.

Falmer Court allows Electric to take things one step further – the farm includes 14 acres of organic growing land that they’ve been preparing for the past four years so they can grow product ingredients themselves: fields of English red roses, for example, which will provide the absolute rose extract for Electric’s C-1 English Rose Serum – the product creates maximum shine without the greasy feel of traditional oil-based silicones. They’ve also planted a substantial orchard, where they can grow different types of fruit for use in product formulations, as well as in Mammoth Juice bars in Electric salons. And later this year, there are plans to install a 400-metre bore hole to bring up their own water from the South Downs, for use in the product manufacturing process and for client to drink in the salons.

A huge part of Electric’s Falmer Court project is the Great Thatched Barn. This historic building – dating back to the mid-thirteenth century, it once belonged to Thomas Cromwell – has been lovingly restored through a careful planning and heritage process, and is now a superb venue for photo-shoots, film and events, with a state-of- the-art studio, a VIP hair salon on the mezzanine, plus incredible for creative shows. In recent years, the Great Thatched Barn has played host to Electric Sessions, the company’s unique educational events, featuring everything from double decker buses to campsites. It’s also been booked for several parties and celebrations, including Electric’s Global Congress Summer Party, with DJ Norman Cook (aka Fatboy Slim) on the decks.

Ambitious, exciting and beautifully authentic, Falmer Court is the heart of the Electric brand, a calm but productive environment that brings out the best in creativity and innovation. And with plans to become a landmark in Sussex, as one of the best eco-business estates in the UK, there is clearly much more to come. Watch this space.

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