Help for my dry, winter hair problems!

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It’s that time of year when the weather gets colder and the air gets dryer.  There is nothing worse than pulling off that toque and having your hair look like something of a science experiment!  Static electricity happens when the material of your toque rubs against the strands of your hair and they swap electrical charges.   The dryer the air, the greater chance of that static taking over!  You do not want your hair to be dehydrated.

What your hair needs in the winter is hydration and moisture. What tends to happen is we use more moisturizing products to combat the static but then our hair looks lifeless and heavy.  We recommend Electric London H-1 and H-2 shampoo and conditioner to start your winterizing routine.  Our Anti-static, Anti- flyaway formulation will hydrate your hair and scalp without leaving it feeling heavy or limp.  It will help keep the static away throughout the day and leave your hair and scalp nourished, strengthened with beautiful shine!


Our P-4 Prep Spray’s anti- static formulation will also help with your static challenges!  Our Prep Spray is the perfect solution for those with finer hair.  We recommend spraying it on damp hair before drying to help detangle and reconstruct the hair.  P-4 will help keep static at bay this winter while strengthening the hair at the same time. You can even use it throughout the day if the weather is really dry.


H-1/ H-2 Hydrate Shampoo/ Conditioner  

For dry, stressed out hair.  Hydrate's ingredients retain optimum hydration and intensify the hair's natural shine. Your hair will look and feel revived and full of vitality. 

P-4 Preparation Spray

Create a flawless foundation for any style with this transforming preparation spray.  This light leave-in conditioner will leave hair enhanced, radiant and ready for endless creativity.  Our P-4 contains UVB protectors and enhances natural curls when applied on wet hair.




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