Electric London featured in Elle Canada, Hello magazines and CityLine!!

Electric London Canada Cityline Elle FASHION features Hello magazine NEWS

We have already seen how British Vogue and Elle are loving Electric London!  Well Canada is feeling the same way!!


Everyone is talking about Electric London!!! 


Our English Rose Serum was featured in Elle Canada as a favourite due to it's locally sourced Rose extract and Electric London's sustainable priorities plus its amazing performance!

"British hairstylist Mark Woolley uses sustainably grown roses from his own southern-England estate in his Electric C-1 English Rose Serum, a brilliant finisher to add shine to all hair types".

Hello Magazine featured our C-8 Invisible Volume Chalk to create more volume for your hair!


CityLine and Chatelaine are loving our C-6 Cloudburst Mousse! Of course!  We use avocado oil instead of alcohol!!!



We couldn’t agree more! 

C-8 Invisible Volume Chalk is made magnesium free. Magnesium is not only damaging to coloured hair, but binds to the hair follicles, leaving hair feeling gritty.

The formulation contains chalk which can be sustainably sourced from the white cliffs in Sussex, a local resource from Electric’s home in the south of England. The Chalk is invisible when sitting on the hair and is grit free, leaving the hair feeling naturally soft. This new formulation is revolutionary to the hair industry, allowing for volume and hold without the rough feel to hair.

C-1 English Rose Serum contains absolute rose extract which is harvested by ourselves from roses grown in the south of England.  The formula creates maximum shine without feeling oily or greasy.  

Use this formula on wet hair before blow-drying to tame frizzy hair, or place on dry hair to create the perfect finish.  It absorbs into the hair, ensuring it is dry and non-oily.  Simply a must-have on photoshoots, creating definition and texture with an unbeatable shine!



C-6 Cloudburst Mousse creates a defining hold to short or long hair styles, without leaving grease or stickiness. The styling product encapsulates the hair with moisture and protection before fully evaporating to leave behind no residue.

 The °C-6 Cloudburst has been enriched with avocado oil, which greatly reduces its alcohol content. Avocado oil is an all-natural, non-greasy oil with a range of health benefits. The fruit enhances the absorption of important nutrients, improves skin and scalp healing, acts as a natural sunblock through the mono-saturated fats that provides a protective layer over the scalp, and may even help fight hair loss, as its vitamin E and B helps to strengthen and nourish hair follicles. 


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