Electric London Products a Massive Hit on the set of Beaverton and Top Chef Canada!!!

Electric London Canada

Sandra Yang is a Session Stylist that has worked at TIFF, on multiple commercial campaigns and on the set of many popular TV shows and movies.  Her go to products are always Electric London!  See what Sandra has to say about our most popular products!


Sandra has used the products on Beaverton, a new Food Network Series and the new season of Top Chef Canada.


 What would you say you like about C-7 eSpray?


"I bought four cans and gave it to my team, my entire team loves it."

“Super extra dry hairspray”

"One of my leads in the show has extensions so I don't need to wash it (eSpray) out every time due to the fact that it is dry. I brush the hair out and can easily restyle."


 What do you love best about C-8 Chalk?

“Chalk grips to the root without any backcombing, and doesn’t have any stickiness.”

 How do you like to use it?

“You can just use it in your fingertips”

“I use a microcrimper and I put the C8 into the microcrimp and gives such a lift”

“Helps the hairstyle last longer even if they sweat because it soaks it all in”

 What is another of your faves?

"The root lift spray (C-5 Volume Liquid Mist), I use it on men because they have the shorter hair, and gives such lift”. 

“You don’t feel the product”

“It is good for men with greasier hair, and it doesn’t weigh it down”


 When do you use C-1 English Rose Serum?

“Use it to define waves and curls without having them fall. It gives a shiny gloss. Something not heavy but makes it so healthy looking”

Tip: for Flyaways… She applies the Rose Serum to her hands, rubs them together to warm it up, and then pats it down on the roots


"People ask me if it’s actually that good, and my response is always it definitely is”

In fact… Other hairstylists have been stealing her products from her, especially the hairspray and rose serum.

About Sandra Yang:


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