Creative Director Electric London Canada Martin Hillier

Electric London Canada FASHION HAIR

Meet our Electric London Canada Creative Director
Martin Hillier

Brought up in the tradition that all areas in the art of hairdressing were exciting to work on; Martin Hillier has gained a wealth of knowledge over several decades in the industry, covering cutting, colour, dress work and avant garde design.  Knowledge that he has shared on Stages and seminars around the world.


 As International Artistic Director for several Brands and companies, he was able to elevate the craft to excite both professionals and public alike with his stunning imagery and easy to use techniques. Martin’s work has been published in many of the most prestigious publications in the world.

 From exciting and innovative ways to work in your salon, to furthering your career with Photo Shoots, Stage work and Editorial Hairdressing; Martin covers the gamete of technical prowess that will leave you feeling bolder and stronger than ever in your convictions to be the best you can be.

Martin is very excited about his new position with Electric London Canada and can't wait to meet our Electric Family across Canada!  We are working on our education schedule for 2020 and will be having online classes coming soon! Photog: @lizdungate

IG: @martinhillierhair

 Stay tuned! 

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