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 It’s party season!!!  That time of year when we get to dress up and enjoy the holiday season.  You have your new party dress, but what about your hair??  

Here’s a quick and easy party do that is great for almost any hair type.  All you need is to add some curls and get out your bobby pins!!



Start by adding some curls to your hair.  You can use your flat iron or a curling iron to do this.  The curls will add some texture that will help work with the final style. If the hair is super soft or fine, add some C-8 Chalk to the hair to add a bit more texture, volume and grip to the hair.  Our Chalk will help keep the hair from slipping yet won't leave it sticky or gritty.



Section off the front from the back at just above the ear.  Then section the back horizontally into 3 sections.  Section 1- below the occipital area. Section 2- between the occipital and just below the crown. Section 3- everything on top of the head.  Note: side sections are still left out for later.


Take section 1 and create a twist knot and secure with bobby pins.  This knot will help anchore the rest of the style.


With section 2, take all the hair in that section and bring over to one side.  Separate into 2 pieces and twist the 2 pieces together until you get to the ends.  



Lightly loosen the twist to create a bit more texture and fullness.  Wrap the end of the twisted piece around the knot in section 1.  Secure with bobby pins, where needed. Spray with C-7e.Spray. 



Take the top section (section 3) and separate into 2 pieces. Twist the pieces together as you did with section 2, bring everything to one side.  Loosen the twist again and then wrap above and around the other twist and knot.  Try to create a balanced look with the twists.  Secure with bobby pins and spray with C-7 e.Spray.



On each side section, separate into 2 pieces and twist the pieces back.  Loosen twists, wrap and pin the twists in with the back.  This is when you can create whatever look you want.  Secure each twist with bobby pins and spray with C-7 e.Spray.


Take a last look to be sure the style is balanced.  Use a small drop of C-1 Serum. rub the serum in your hands and then lightly smooth out any loose or fly away hairs.  Do a final spray with our C-7 e.Spray. 

You are ready for the PARTY!!


 C-8 Chalk

Provides instant grip, hold and volume without the usual grittiness of powder. Invisible Volume Chalk contains no magnesium, ensuring it is ideal for coloured hair. It leaves all types of hair feeling amplified yet natural and free-moving.

C-7 e.Spray

Possibly the driest hairspray in the world! Our e.Spray was formulated specifically for use on photo shoots and on the catwalk! The non-oily formula dries without any residue to leave your hair style with the hold it needs without any stickiness or crunch! Cotton oil extract, Jojoba, Bamboo and Shea butter prevent hair from drying while protecting your hair from heat and UV damage.  For best results, hold the can about 30cm away from hair and spray through layers.

C-1 Serum

Our light weight, non oily serum leaves a luminous and healthy shine on your hair.  It contains a UVB protector, tames fly aways and frizz and can help reduce split ends.  It also enhances natural curls when applied on wet hair!







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